Why are the right security partners so important?


Did you know there has been rapid growth of the cyber security industry in Australia and its forecast* to triple in the next 10 years? In today’s ever-evolving and competitive market – it’s now more important than ever to ensure you are working with the right security partner to secure, support, and grow your business.

This growing and persistent set of security threats across the globe, means organisations across the Asia Pacific region need to keep up to date with cyber security threats and also adhere to legislative changes.

Many business leaders are prioritising security policies and strategies at a board level as they understand the dangers that data breaches could have on the business both in the short and long term.

Given the business focus on security, organisations are looking for reliable security partners that have proven expertise in security and compliance – and who understand the region’s cyber security threats.

Finding and working with the right service providers will ensure your business is protected and can also positively affect your bottom line – Superloop is about to launch a Secure Internet Gateway product which uses threat feeds from industries around the world and combines that with telemetry from their global network. The result being an internet service that keeps a watch out for the sinister side of the internet, persistently knocking on your door.

For other basic cyber security risks, such as; email security, anti-spam and phishing threats (which are common across all companies, regardless of size), approaching your current service providers or similar mainstream vendors for help is a good choice and a logical first step.

Falling into the ‘Shiny New Things’ trap

There are a lot of exciting new buzzwords circling the security industry right now. While it’s great to see what the future holds, and things like AI and machine learning do hold incredible promise, don’t fall into the trap of “shiny new things” to tackle cyber security. Indeed, AI and machine learning are rallying to reduce cyber crime, however, like all new technologies their usefulness should be assessed by each business before investment.

  • It’s always best to know where your crown jewels are and choose the controls and budget to treat those risks. Businesses should take stock of their information assets, understand the cyber risks and assess urgency – then focus cybersecurity efforts on mitigating those risks to critical/crucial assets.
  • If you’re looking to cover the basics, you don’t need bleeding edge technology. However, for things like mandatory breach reporting, it’s hard to report what you don’t know or don’t see.
  • Once you have the basics covered, you may be able to look to these technologies that perform event aggregation, correlation and detect anomalies. Tools that enable you better detection and can help you report a breach.

Improving security in an era of constant change and ever present risk

You can achieve a lot with a little, if you are simply looking to cover the basics. Security budgets will never be infinitely elastic, so it’s important to carefully evaluate new products and technologies, and consider your resourcing when implementing those.

Take a look at service providers that can always add value. For example adding a managed firewall, filtering or intrusion detection solution from your existing service provider could be a quick win and a boost to your security posture.

Learn more about the Superloop’s Security features here.


*Australian Cyber Security Magazine, A$2 billion in 2016 to A$6 billion by 2026.