UNLIMEAT Expands Its Reach into the US Natural and Organic Market

  • Stepping into U.S. Natural and Organic Stores with Products Committed to Healthy Ingredients and Clean Label Standards
  • Navigating the Path Ahead for K-Vegan Food Amid the K-Pop and K-Drama Craze

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — UNLIMEAT, a prominent player in the alternative meat industry in Asia, is ramping up its expansion into the US market. The company recently announced the launch of its delectable plant-based offerings including UNLIMEAT Korean BBQ, pulled pork, and Mandu, at natural and organic stores such as Mollie Stone’s Markets, Berkeley Bowl, Lassens Natural Foods & Vitamins in California, and Good Earth Markets in Utah. The launches of natural & organic stores mark the company’s most significant achievement since its successful debut in Albertsons, one of the largest supermarket chains in the USA, earlier this year.

UNLIMEAT Plant-based Meat
UNLIMEAT Plant-based Meat

Mollie Stone’s Market is a local supermarket chain with nine locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are renowned for their stringent ingredient standards, ensuring that all organic and natural products meet the highest quality criteria. Berkeley Bowl, situated in Oakland, is a supermarket renowned for its organic and natural offerings, including variety of vegan food options and local produces. Lassens specializes in wholesome, minimally processed, and additive-free products. UNLIMEAT successfully began selling its products in natural and organic stores, known for their stringent entry standards, due to its commitment to avoiding artificial ingredients and using raw materials that align with clean label standards.

The products introduced by UNLIMEAT at the Natural & Organic Store consist of three SKUs. Among them, its plant-based Korean BBQ, designed to resemble sliced beef, is a plant-based product suitable for various cooking methods, such as grilling, frying, and stir-frying. It pairs excellently with a wide range of seasonings and marinades to cater to diverse preferences. UNLIMEAT’s pulled pork features a sweet and savory barbecue sauce for a unique twist. Mandu, a Korean-style large-sized dumpling, is generously filled with approximately 30% plant-based meat and an assortment of vegetables, including cabbage, scallions, chives, and garlic.

In addition to these offerings, UNLIMEAT has introduced a range of ready-to-heat products inspired by Korean flavors, such as frozen Kimbap and frozen rice balls. They also plan to resume selling their popular plant-based jerky on Amazon, which quickly sold out after its initial launch last year. A UNLIMEAT representative said, “We will continue to provide various options to the US market with versatile vegan products featuring healthier and cleaner ingredients, infused with a Korean touch.”

UNLIMEAT creates plant-based products rich in nutrients, utilizing various by-products that are typically discarded in the food production process. These include rice bran, a by-product of the brown rice polishing process, and defatted soybean powder, which results from soybean oil extraction. The company originated from the idea of reducing waste by repurposing ‘ugly agricultural products’ that are often discarded due to factors such as small size, scratches, or uneven color They operate the largest plant-based meat exclusive factory in Asia and are currently launching a variety of K-vegan products with a Korean twist.