The Untold Story of Guiyang’s Diversified Culture

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GUIYANG, China, Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A news report by

Music, beer, fair, city walk… This summer, people poured in the city of Guiyang to appreciate the Jiaxiu Pavilion, Qingyun Fair, Qianling Mountain and Qingyan Ancient Town. The popularity of Guiyang can be evidenced by the trending topic of “100 million people are in Guizhou and another 200 million are on their way” on China’s social media platforms.

A view of Jiaxiu Pavilion.
A view of Jiaxiu Pavilion.

The excellent climate of Guiyang was made by its unique geographic conditions where the average altitude is 1,100m, average summer temperature 22.3℃, relative humidity 76% to 79% and the forest coverage rate 55%. Guiyang thus becomes an ideal resort which can improve the physical conditions of visitors.

To demonstrate the charm of “Cool Guiyang” to visitors, Guiyang focuses on developing interactive and immersive tourism projects and constantly enriches its tourism forms and extends its industrial chain by integrating natural landscape with historic culture and ethnic styles.

With three unique cultural name cards at hand, namely “Enlightenment at Longchang”, “Red Revolution” and “Folk Tradition and Custom”, Xiuwen County has launched “leisure tour”, “study tour centered around enlightenment at Longchang” and “red culture tour”.

Apart from taking cultural tours in Xiu’wen, people traveling to middle Guizhou seldom misses Guanshanhu Lake District of Guiyang. By climbing the Jiulong Mountain, taking a tour around the Baihua Lake and appreciating the Panlong Cave, you can enjoy the beautiful mountains and waters in the city.

Moreover, Guiyang is also a paradise for tourisms eager to explore outdoor recreational activities. There’s a self-drive route along the Kaiyang Gallery which spans 10km with many famous sites such as the drifting at Nanjiang Gorge, paragliding at Yunzhongjun base, hiking at Xianghuoyan and riding on a big swing at Hou’er Sinkhole.

Hu Lin, Party Committee Secretary and Director of Guiyang Bureau of Culture and Tourism, suggested that these novel business forms revitalized Guiyang and conveyed the new vitality of the city directly to more young people. Representing both fashionable and traditional lifestyles, Guiyang is using its novel items to attract more and more young people who are exactly the core forces leading the new form of tourism and new trend of consumption. Moreover, their arrival will help Guiyang’s cultural tourism to timely seize the opportunity and make constant innovation of tourism product and services, which then forms a benign circulation.

Guiyang was listed among the “Preferred Resorts 2023” relying on its rich activities such as the music festival, flower festival and beer festival in the vacation season, and free and discounted entrance ticket at scenic areas. In addition, rich cultural resources such as the revolutionary culture, Yangming Culture, ecological culture and ethnic culture have become the core forces driving the high-quality development of cultural tourism and empowered the city’s long-term development.