Template to Report Cloned Website to Hosting Provider


Email template to report a cloned or phishing website and request it to be taken down


[[ TO: abuse@hostingprovider ]] [[ SUBJECT: Phishing/Cloned Website Report ]]

Dear ,

My name is and I work at CYBERWEBNIC Digital Security Helpline. We are a free-of-charge resource for civil society around the world. I’m respectfully contacting you to ask for your assistance with a digital security issue that was recently reported to our helpline.

We would like to report a malicious website with this URL: [[ Fake Website URL ]]. The website is being used for harmful activities.

[[ Explanations and proof of malicious activity. It could be result from threatcrowd.org and urlscan.io ]]

We are asking for your assistance in taking down this malicious infrastructure, as it might harm more people as long as it is active.

In advance we appreciate your responsiveness, and gently request your immediate action to solve the above-mentioned situation.

Kind regards,