Silkwave is building world's first L-band "GEO-LEO-5G" satellite platform with a focus on becoming an leading satellite-Internet mobile multimedia service operator for Asia

HONG KONG, Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Silkwave (stock code: 0471) has been actively deploying the converged satellite-5G mobile network to provide integrated multimedia, communication, broadcasting, and precision-navigation services targeting vehicles, mobile phones, and IoT edge-devices. The network covers the “Belt and Road” Asia, including China, ASEAN, IndiaPakistan corridor, offering services that are abundant, ubiquitous, and data-charge-free to users while vastly compensating the insufficient connectivity of the ground 4/5G services. The company is planning to launch service in China first and later the “Belt and Road” Asia to become a leading mobile satellite-Internet service operator with a comprehensive infrastructure and technology platform. Silkwave’s mission: To enable everyone everywhere to have their own digital sky so as to eliminate the “Digital Divide” in the region.

Ground-breaking satellite-5G converged platform, Asia’s Only: Silkwave, through continuous merger and acquisition with its affiliate Silkwave Holdings has built up a series of space network infrastructure and resources which include the L-band high-orbit (GEO) mobile broadcasting satellite “AsiaStar,” the user right of 40 GHz L-band mobile frequencies, satellite-5G and broadcasting-communication converged technology, and the developing L-band Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) two-way mobile broadband satellite constellation. When combined, they will form the world’s first GEO-LEO-5G network and become the most powerful platform in Asia to provide comprehensive mobile satellite communication, broadcasting, and navigation services satellite-direct to devices.

Unique and exclusive L-band mobile satellite resources: 5G+satellite is being deemed as the coming 6G standard by the global industry today, and satellite-direct-to-mobile phones is the ultimate challenge and “Holy Grail” for today’s mobile industry. Silkwave’s 40 MHz L-band is the only available and most suitable mobile frequency capable of supporting satellite-to-device delivery on a very large commercial scale, which is exclusively authorized by the International Telecommunication of the United Nations and irreplaceable.

Huge potential markets: Leveraging the platform, Silkwave is focusing on deploying three businesses in China and will extend to Belt-Road Asia: 1) “Satellite-to-vehicle” infotainment and telematics targeting the hundreds of millions of new-energy and smart cars in China. 2) Satellite-to-smartphone multimedia-communication targeting the billions of new-generation mobile phones, 3) satellite-to-IoT (Internet-of-Things), providing Beidou based precision navigation and data connectivity services to the coming billions of IoT edge-devices for various industrial IoT applications. In addition, Silkwave is also planning to expand services to Southeast Asia countries with turnkey solution by leveraging on its China ecosystem. It has already entered into strategic partnership in Philippines and Indonesia to provide satellite-WiFi last-mile connectivity to remote villages and suburban cities and is currently undergoing trial services.

Core Businesses:

Satellite-to-vehicle connected-car infotainment: As new-energy and smart-driving car is becoming consumer’s smartphone-on-wheel and largest mobile living-space, vast amount of mobile data will be used for a variety of services such as live audio-video entertainment, telematics, autonomous-driving software updates, which could amount to hundreds of gigabytes per day and require downloading anytime anywhere, and this cannot be sufficiently accommodated by the conventional cellular network due to bandwidth, coverage, and cost constraints. Silkwave is the ideal platform.

In China Silkwave has already put in place the satellite-4/5G converged network and ecosystem alliance with auto-OEMs, content providers, and government joint-venture, and its satellite multimedia technology has become China’s auto industry standard ready for mass-market proliferation. Supported by its AsiaStar satellite Silkave has also completed nationwide technical trials with over a million kilometers in road-test. Currently it is preparing for commercial launch expected later this year targeting the 30M new cars every year and the 400M cars on the road by 2035 starting with the Greater Bay Area. Business model will be based on B-to-C subscription and advertising. Silkwave’s market comparable is Sirius XM, a US satellite-to-vehicle digital audio provider, which has 30M car users and market cap approx. USD 20 billion.

Satellite-to-smartphone multimedia-broadband communication:  Leveraging the same satellite-to-vehicle ecosystem platform, Silkwave is also putting its satellite capabilities into next-generation smartphones, offering unlimited and data-charge-free multimedia downloading as well as two-way broadband voice and Internet communication as a smartphone 6G standard. Silkwave’s L-band capability provides the company with tremendous competitive edge in the race toward satellite-to-mobile service. It is in close discussion with leading mobile operators for partnership to jointly operate the services and expects to launch a trial first half of next year.  China currently has 1.7 billion mobile users.

Satellite-to-IoT precision-navigation: Also leveraging the same ecosystem platform,  Silkwave is working with leading service operators to support Beidou by providing L-band satellite distributed kinematic data to Beidou navigation devices universally to enhance precision-positioning to centimetre-levels, which will in turn be needed by vat amount of applications for vehicles, handsets, and industry IoT like transportation, logistic, and smart-city. There is expected billions of IoT devices that will need to be equipped with precision-positioning services.

Future Strategy:

Market positioning: 

The company will focus on multimedia and data transmission services for the mobile and wireless markets targeting mainly cars, handsets, and IoT devices. These are the largest consumer markets for mobile data delivery which the Silkwave’s L-band platform can provide most economical, efficient services unmatched by competitors.

Coming new-energy smart-cars will be the norm; passengers and drivers alike will require abundant multimedia entertainment and intelligent driving updates, which will far exceed the capability of current mobile network. The currently 30 million new car market every year and expected 400 million in by 2035 in China is the best and most ready market for Silkwave to quickly develop its business success.

Satellite to mobile phones is an inevitable trend. In the current global race of integrating 5G with satellite capability and developing the satellite-to-smartphone devices as the 6G phones, Silkwave’s L-band advantage will allow the company to lead the development. Also by leveraging its satellite-to-vehicle ecosystem it will quickly transplant its L-band services into the coming smartphones and become a unicorn player. China is the world’s largest mobile phone market.

Internet data connectivity have been extended to modern industrial Internet-of-Things applications, in which Beidou-based precise navigation-positioning is the core enabling capability to support the numerous applications of the 6G era ranging from transportation, logistics, location-based consumption, autonomous-driving, ride-sharing, environmental protection, emergency services, and smart cities. There are expected tens of billions of Beidou navigation precision-positioning IoT devices in China. Silkwave’s platform can most effectively accommodate such a massive market.

Network and platform construction: 

Through alliance with industry partners and government-enterprises, Silkwave will continue strengthen and expand the development of its network infrastructure and ecosystem support, including collaborating with national aerospace agencies to build the new generation L-band LEO satellites constellation and form the GEO-LEO-5G network, expanding core technology development to become the national and global technology standards (at present, the satellite-5G converged technology is adopted as the ITU and China’s industry standard). It also will partner with national media platform to deploy commercial services, and leverage on the support of the domestic ecosystem to expand services to “Belt and Road” Asia.

About Silkwave Inc:

Silkwave Inc currently is the only satellite mobile Internet service provider for Asia, with the world’s only high-orbit satellite mobile broadcast platform, 40 MHz of L-band frequency covering the whole region, as well as satellite-5G converged and AI-based big data technologies. It is also building the world’s first “GEO-LEO-5G” network, to provide comprehensive communication, navigation, and multimedia information services targeting billions of vehicles, mobile phones, and Internet of Things devices in the B2C consumer market. In essence it is Asia’s “Mobile Starlink”.