Mobile Application Fraud Solutions

Similar to social media impersonation – mobile application fraud is the creation of an illegitimate app impersonating your brand. Cyber-criminals use this app to gain access to account credentials, take-over mobile devices using malware or facilitate browser hijacking. As this is a relatively new style of fraud it can be easily missed unless you have the tools to consistently monitor App Stores and other download locations. Cyberwebnic has this capability and the human analysts in our 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) are experts at detecting and analyzing mobile app security threats – leading to efficient takedown.

roactive Fake Mobile App Detection

It’s critical to identify fake applications before they have the chance to do any harm to your brand. Cyberwebnic regularly scans the internet for Mobile Apps that may be impersonating your organization, including legitimate App stores as well as many other directory or download sites. These apps are compared to your current legitimate app to determine if they’re a direct copy, an outdated copy of your legitimate app, or a fraudulent app designed with malicious intent. If it is the latter, our early intervention will reduce the risk of any damage being done to your brand.

Mobile App Protection and Prevention

Our analysts will spearhead the mobile app download location takedown process – we do much more than simply send an automated single email to an abuse mailbox. We determine all possible parties involved and work tirelessly to contact them. As a result of our extensive experience in the industry, in many cases, we have a direct reporting process for immediate takedown of these fake applications.

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