Enhanced Deep and Dark Web Monitoring

Cyberwebnic now offers an enhanced monitoring service of the deep and dark web. We provide a thorough and in-depth intelligence tool, that allows your organisation to get a detailed view of past, current, and potential future cyber threats targeting your organisation.

Our enhanced deep and dark web monitoring service is an automated tool that collects data from various sources of interest, where threat actors are known to exchange information and communicate. In today’s ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, large organisations are regularly targeted.

Our platform will perform daily scans for any relevant mentions of a brand or individual and notify our clients of any relevant data that may have been leaked, allowing them to immediately mitigate the issue.

What we monitor

  • Brand Keywords/Domains
  • Executive Monitoring/PII
  • BINs/Credit Card Monitoring

Fast Breach Identification & Resolution (Incident Response)

Secure the overall protection of your company’s assets by pairing our Enhanced Deep and Dark Web Monitoring services with our industry leading Phishing and Malware solutions and Cyber Intelligence Services.

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