Digital Brand Abuse Solutions

In the digital world your brand is crucial to the success of your company. Brand abuse is a catch-all term for cyber-criminals who exploit a brand with malicious intent. This can take the form of brand impersonation, look-alike domain registration, false affiliation claims or trademark infringement. It can also carry across to Social Media and Mobile Apps.

In many cases, a strong brand image can lead to sales that are attributed to brand name alone. A fake website or deceitful affiliation claim can sully this reputation and lead to a reduction in consumer goodwill and the overall view of your company. You may even lose sales and website visits directly if the brand abuse is redirecting consumers to a fake website. Cyberwebnic can take the reins when it comes to brand abuse monitoring and protection – to protect your brand, is to protect our own.

Rapid Brand Impersonation Protection

With your brand reputation at risk – it’s critical that any brand abuse is dealt with swiftly. At Cyberwebnic, we provide a fully managed service to assess and analyse potential threats conducted by human analysts in our 24×7 Security Operations Centre (SOC).

We evaluate potential digital brand abuse or impersonation and upon consultation with clients, we proceed with the takedown as quickly and completely as possible. Whilst not all mentions of a brand can be removed, if a trademark is being infringed upon Cyberwebnic will spearhead the takedown of this content.

We do much more than simply send an automated single email to an abuse mailbox. Our team analyses each brand abuse case to determine the best method to have the content removed. As a result of our extensive experience in the industry, in many cases, we have a direct reporting process for immediate takedown of these brand abuse incidents.

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