Saudi Ministery of Transport & Logistics Services Host the UPU’s 4th Extraordinary Congress

On Sunday, October 1, the Saudi minister of transport and logistic service launched the UPU’s Fourth Extraordinary Conference in the Saudi capital Riyadh to discuss the critical challenges facing the global postal system and the innovative solutions that enhance the quality of postal services on a global scale.

After years of discussions, “Riyadh Solution” was, finally, reached within the current conference which is being held under the patronage of the Saudi king, aiming to improve interconnection and integration within the global postal sector. The decision focuses on enhancing cooperation among UPU members and other postal sector entities while expanding the scope of UPU’s products and services to raise the quality of global postal services.

Under such solution tailored business models will be established to facilitate access to UPU’s services and products for entities beyond government designated postal operators. This initiative will enhance cooperation and partnership among members and improve postal services on a large scale while developing the global postal network and enhancing its interconnectedness.

The UPU conference, which lasted for five days, brought together a distinguished group of decision-makers, experts, and stakeholders from around the world to review opportunities for improvement and discuss innovative solutions for the global postal sector. The “Riyadh Solution” is a major step forward in creating a more integrated and efficient global postal system that meets the evolving needs of people and businesses worldwide.

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