Right Cause Non-profit CRM Suite adds Grant Management Module to Empower Charities

Right Cause Non-profit CRM Suite adds Grant Management Module to Empower Charities

“Right Cause Non-profit CRM Suite” continues its commitment to making a positive impact on the nonprofit sector. The addition of the Grant Management Module aligns with the software’s mission to help charities operate more efficiently, engage with donors and volunteers effectively, and ultimately increase their impact on the causes they serve.

Chicago, ILLINOIS, United States, 4th Sep 2023, King NewsWireRight Cause Nonprofit Solution is an enterprise CRM Suite offered by Beyond Key, a Chicago-based technology services provider. The module adds the much-needed functionality to address the growing need of Cloud Technology in the Nonprofit sector. The Right Cause Solution leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform making it the most secure, trustworthy, and efficient Grant Management CRM Solution. The module comes with additional capabilities for Grantmakers as well as Grantees who can leverage Microsoft’s Dataverse, also known as Common Data Model to solve critical grant management processes like Grants lifecycle management, Pre and Post-award activity tracking, Grantmaker Prospecting, Grants Application Management, Grants Approval Automation, Fund tracking & realization and a lot more.

The solution is highly suitable and customizable for the organization considering shifting their processes to Cloud, it provides both online and grant-tracking functionality in a single package. It comes with pre-built features like:

  • Fund Indicators
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Wealth Screening
  • Constituent Management
  • Third-party integration
  • Task Management
  • Grantmaker Portal

Beyond Key CIO, Ashish Sankhla said “The best thing about Right Cause Grant Management Module is that both the Nonprofits as well as Grantmakers don’t have to purchase any hardware or work on complicated CRM and Excel worksheets. Their staff can access the system on the Cloud from anywhere there’s an Internet connection, making it the most ideal solution. On top of that, it is highly customizable, low-cost, and secure as compared to other CRM solutions available. All you need is a Microsoft License and a Right Cause subscription.”

Grantmaking programs are extremely complicated to manage. The right technology solution can streamline workflows and automate processes that involve tracking dozens of applications, reviewers, requirements, and payments. The Right Cause Grants Management Solution can help by both Grantmakers and charities save time by making their processes more effective and transparent.

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