Reporting a Domain Name in Out-of-Mandate Cases help center

This template is sent as guidance to clients who are reporting a domain name but are out of mandate


Hi ,

I hope this email finds you well.

I’m very sorry to hear about your incident. CYBERWEBNIC Helpline team helps civil society members and non-profit organizations in digital security concerns and incidents and unfortunately we cannot assist requests that are not coming from the civil society, so we can only offer instructions for you to take action to deactivate the fake domain.

The management of a domain is handled by the relevant registrar. You can directly report your claim to the registrar and they could investigate the incident further and take appropriate action.

You can get the registrar information of any website by doing a search on this website:

This site will look up all the relevant information for a domain name, including the contacts to reach out to in this situation.

In this case, the following information is provided for the domain “”:

  • Registrar:
  • Registrant Contact Information: Name:
  • Email:

I would suggest that you report this incident through the registrar by sending an email to: $abuse-contact@registrar-domain

Depending on what country you are based in, there might be Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) able to assist. Please see below a list of national CERTs and their contact details:

You can also try and report the abusing domain on Google Safe Browsing, through this form:

I hope you find this information useful. In case you have any question please let us know.

Kind Regards,