Phishing Website Checker


Cyberwebnic is a global organization that offers digital brand protection services. They specialize in tracking and removing threats such as phishing, malware sites, brand impersonation, and fake social media profiles and mobile apps. They have a dedicated team of expert analysts and proprietary anti-phishing tools. They have been in business since 2022 and have a high success rate in takedown actions. They serve clients in various industries including financial services, government, healthcare, and retail. They also provide search tools and a range of online security services.


Phishing Website Checker

A simple web tool that allows users to check if a website is a phishing site. Users can enter the URL of a website and the tool will analyze it to determine if it is potentially dangerous.


Brand Impersonation Detector

An online tool that helps users detect instances of brand impersonation. Users can enter the name of their brand and the tool will search the internet for websites or social media profiles that may be impersonating their brand.


Mobile App Verification

A tool that allows users to verify the legitimacy of a mobile app. Users can enter the name of the app or its URL and the tool will analyze it to determine if it is a legitimate app or a fake.


Threat Tracker

A simple web-based tool that provides real-time tracking of online threats. Users can view a map or a list of active threats, such as phishing sites or malware distribution networks, and stay informed about the latest risks.


Anti-Phishing Guide

An online guide that educates users about phishing and provides tips on how to identify and avoid phishing attempts. The guide can include examples of common phishing emails and websites, as well as best practices for protecting personal information.


Online Security Checklist

A comprehensive checklist that helps users improve their online security. The checklist can include steps to secure passwords, enable two-factor authentication, update software, and protect against malware and phishing attacks.


Search Engine Security Plugin

A browser plugin that enhances search engine results by adding security information. When users search for a website, the plugin will display a security rating or warning if the website is known to be malicious or unsafe.


Online Security Training Course

An interactive online course that teaches users about online security and best practices for protecting personal information. The course can include videos, quizzes, and practical exercises to reinforce the learning.


Website Vulnerability Scanner

A tool that scans websites for common vulnerabilities and provides recommendations for improving security. Users can enter the URL of their website and the tool will analyze it for weak passwords, outdated software, and other potential risks.


Security News Aggregator

A website that aggregates the latest news and updates about online security. Users can find articles, blog posts, and announcements from trusted sources, all in one place.