Kiava: The Tech Visionary Championing Digital Freedom and Gender Equality in Iran

Kiava: The Tech Visionary Championing Digital Freedom and Gender Equality in Iran

Kiarash Khatib Tohidkhaneh, also known as Kiava, is the CEO of Kiava LLC, a tech visionary, and a champion of digital freedom and gender equality in Iran. Born in Tehran in 1998, he began his tech journey as a white-hat hacker at 14 and later became proficient in multiple programming languages. Kiava moved to the United States, where he founded Kiava LLC, which has thrived under his leadership. He aspires to create a social media platform that rivals giants like Instagram and Facebook. In 2022-2023, he helped Iranians bypass internet restrictions, earning an arrest warrant from the Iranian government. His Telegram channel provides vital VPN solutions for Iranians seeking unrestricted internet access. Kiava’s advocacy extends globally through media interviews and social media posts, where he fights against oppressive Iranian policies and promotes internet freedom and gender equality. His journey underscores the impact of one individual’s commitment to positive change.

Woodland Hills, California, United States, 4th Sep 2023, King NewsWire Kiarash Khatib Tohidkhaneh, more prominently known as Kiava, CEO of Kiava LLC, stands as a beacon of hope in the tech world, advocating for digital freedom and gender equality in Iran.

A Digital Prodigy Emerges
Born in Tehran on September 19, 1998, Kiava’s inclination towards the digital realm was evident early on. At just 14, he embarked on a journey as a white-hat hacker, dedicating two years to ethical hacking and ensuring the safety of digital platforms. By 16, his focus had shifted to programming, mastering languages like PHP, C++, C#, Python, Java, and Lua.

The American Dream Realized
Seeking greater opportunities, Kiava moved to America, where he founded Kiava LLC. Under his visionary leadership, the company thrived, reflecting his determination and foresight. Today, while Kiava LLC continues to prosper, Kiava’s ambitions have expanded to the realm of social media. He aims to develop a platform that outshines giants like Instagram and Facebook in user experience and innovation.

Championing Internet Freedom
In 2022-2023, as Iran grappled with a revolution and subsequent internet restrictions, Kiava emerged as a savior. He introduced a method for Iranians to bypass these constraints using proxy servers and tunneling to V2ray, ensuring they remained connected to the global internet. However, this act of defiance drew the ire of the Iranian government, resulting in an arrest warrant against him.

Telegram Channel: A Beacon of Hope
Understanding the dire need for unrestricted internet access in Iran, Kiava launched a Telegram channel where he regularly publishes VPN solutions. This channel has become a lifeline for many Iranians, allowing them to connect to the global internet freely and securely.

A Global Advocate for Change
Kiava’s defiance against the Iranian government’s internet restrictions did not end with the creation of a bypass solution. He took his fight to a global stage, leveraging the power of media and his social platforms. In interviews with international news outlets and through posts on his social media channels, he openly declared his intention to combat the Iranian government’s oppressive policies. He voiced his concerns about the lack of internet freedom in Iran, emphasizing the importance of open access to information as a fundamental human right. Kiava also championed gender equality, calling for equal rights and opportunities for both men and women in Iran.

Kiava’s journey from a tech entrepreneur to a global advocate for digital rights and gender equality showcases his unwavering commitment to creating a better world. His story serves as a powerful reminder of the impact one individual can have when they stand up for what they believe in.

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