Happier than Spring Festival – 2023 China (Guangyuan) Daughter's Festival is coming

BEIJING, Sept. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a news report from TopBrand Union (Beijing) Consulting Company: On the morning of September 1st, there was a flood of people in front of Huangze Temple in Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, and colorful boats swayed along the Jialing River. The 2023 China (Guangyuan) Daughter’s Festival with the theme of “Come to Guangyuan on the Shu Road and crown the beauty” will be held as scheduled.

The annual Phoenix Boat opened at the 35th Guangyuan Women's Day, female team members on board competing bravely,people on the shore vie to watch.
The annual Phoenix Boat opened at the 35th Guangyuan Women’s Day, female team members on board competing bravely,people on the shore vie to watch.

Guangyuan is a city with a long history of thousands of years, where Wu Zetian was born. Since the Tang Dynasty, the people of Guangyuan have spontaneously started the folk festival “On the 23rd of the first lunar month, women swim in the river bay”. In 1988, Guangyuan City resumed the Daughter’s Festival and set September 1st as the date, and the China (Guangyuan) Daughter’s Festival officially entered the public eye.

This year’s Daughter’s Festival venue has been adjusted from Nanhe Water Park to Liangjiang Estuary where the Jialing River and Nanhe River meet in the urban area of Guangyuan City. Dance and poetry complement each other, presenting an audio-visual feast for the audience.

The colorful phoenix, the green and layered mountains, the sculpture of the Red Army Crossing with a high-spirited bow…the colorful boats of various counties and districts in Guangyuan City made a splendid appearance. After the colorful boat parade, eight phoenix boat teams competed in a 500-meter straight race, showing the heroine power of Guangyuan’s daughter who is tenaciously fighting, unwilling to be left behind, and striving to be the first in the new era.

The “Moving Guangyuan” mass parade float brings together the local cultural characteristics of the four counties and three districts of Guangyuan City. Starting from Qintai Square, it slowly drives to Lizhou Square. Cangxi Lijiang Stilts, Wangcangchuan North Lion Dance, Jiange White Dragon Lantern, Lizhou Baichao Lantern Lotus Picking Boat, Chaotian Maliu Embroidered Costume Show, Qingchuan Weeding Gong and Drum… Parade teams from various counties and districts performed “intangible cultural heritage” performances and displays attract visitors to stop and linger.

As night fell, the “Phoenix Nirvana Lights up Guangyuan” series of activities brought the joyful atmosphere of the entire city of Guangyuan to a climax. Hundreds of female citizens participated in the “Fluorescent Night Run” to create a fluorescent atmosphere and experience the fun of sports together. Next to the new site of the Daughter’s Festival, people are making wishes and blessings in the form of setting off lotus lanterns. On the banks of the Jialing River and the Nanhe River, the “Fire Phoenix” representing the “Empress’s Hometown” opened the prelude to the drone light show. A total of 2,023 fireworks shells were set off in the electronic fireworks feast. The beautiful pictures composed of clusters of fireworks and blossoming fireworks show the bright future of Guangyuan.

On September 1st, a number of interactive check-in activities such as “Zetian Character Guessing Phoenix Fan”, “Dry Land Phoenix Boat”, “Tang Style Ancient Music Flash Mob”, “Phoenix Pot” and other interactive check-in activities were carried out simultaneously, showing the beauty of Guangyuan’s daughter and the ancient Shu in an all-round way. The beauty of the Tao, and the colorful and happy life in Guangyuan in the new era.