Good Clean Fundraising Unveils Mobile App, Transforming Traditional School Fundraisers

Good Clean Fundraising, a dynamic company dedicated to helping organizations raise funds by allowing the purchase of laundry detergent at significantly reduced prices, has announced the launch of an innovative mobile app designed to streamline and simplify school fundraising initiatives.

Bringing value to fundraising – this is the core principle on which Good Clean Fundraising operates. With a steadfast commitment to supporting school and youth athletic communities, the company continually seeks ways to enhance fundraising experiences. The latest offering, an intuitive and streamlined mobile app, does exactly that. Addressing the common challenges faced during fundraising drives, the app does the selling for users, eliminating significant hassles and increasing efficiency.

Michael Fitzgerald, COO of Good Clean Fundraising, emphasizes the transformative nature of this app, stating, ‘Our mobile app is a game changer and will revolutionize the traditional fundraiser by doing 80% of the work.’

While traditional fundraising initiatives often require a great deal of manual work, time, coordination, and follow-ups, Good Clean Fundraising’s mobile app cuts down on these efforts significantly. It empowers schools and teams to focus more on their primary activities while ensuring they still get the funding they need to thrive – fundraiser organizers can simply set up a campaign within the app with a few clicks and share it with relevant contacts through email, social, or text messaging. The app does the rest of the work, including tracking orders and participants and providing a live view of the funds raised to date.

The app is specifically designed to reduce the hassle – the administrative work behind the scenes (like chasing orders and payments, for example), while maximizing the ability to raise funds for schools and youth athletic groups: all the features are direct responses to the typical issues encountered with traditional fundraising.

With this introduction, Good Clean Fundraising encourages all stakeholders associated with school and youth athletics to explore the new tool – the app promises not only a boost in funds raised but also a hassle-free, modern approach to fundraising that resonates with today’s tech-savvy generation.

For further information, demonstrations, or to get started with the Good Clean Fundraising app, interested parties are urged to contact:

Eric Lee

National Customer Service Manager

Good Clean Fundraising

Email: {[email protected]}

Website: []

Good Clean Fundraising remains committed to its core mission: making fundraising drives fast, simple, and, above all, profitable. With their new mobile app, they’re set to take this mission to new heights.

About Good Clean Fundraising

Good Clean Fundraising offers an innovative way to raise funds while simultaneously saving money. Their approach to fundraising is characterized by a focus on providing value to fundraisers and participants by enabling the purchase of laundry detergent – products that consumers would have inevitably bought anyway – at much-reduced prices. With the launch of their new mobile app, they continue their tradition of simplifying fundraising and maximizing returns for the school and youth athletic community.

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