Fake Domain – Report Impersonation/Cloning to Domain Provider

Fake Domain – Template to Report Impersonation/Cloning to Domain Provider
Email template to report cases of domain impersonation and request them take down the violating domain



[[ TO: abuse@registrardomainname ]] [[ SUBJECT: Impersonation Report ]] Dear , My name is from CYBERWEBNIC Digital Security Helpline. We are a free-of-charge resource for civil society around the world. I’m respectfully contacting you to ask for your assistance with a digital security issue that was recently reported to our Helpline. A website with this URL: [[ Fake Website URL ]], which is hosted by [[ hosting/domain provider name ]], is impersonating this legitimate website: [[ Legitimate Website URL ]] [[ Explanations of client’s ownership/trademark registration and adversary’s intent ]] [[ Specific link/description of impersonated materials ]] We are asking for your assistance in taking down the fake website:

  • Fake website: [[ URL ]]
  • Original website: [[ URL ]]

In advance, we appreciate your responsiveness, and gently request your immediate action to solve the above-mentioned situation. Kind regards,