BTCC Unleashes New ETH USTD Perpetual Futures Contracts With Up To 150X Leverage.

BTCC, a popular crypto exchange platform in the US, Europe, and Canada, empowers trading enthusiasts worldwide with a top-notch crypto trading experience.

USA, Europe, and Canada’s acclaimed crypto exchange, BTCC, is thrilled to unveil that they have listed five popular cryptos on their web and app platforms. Trading enthusiasts can now trade these newly added eth usdt futures with up to 150X leverage on BTCC.

A frontrunner in the trading industry, BTCC focuses on cutting-edge technology to ensure the genuineness of its products, service optimization, a user-friendly interface, and a secure trading environment. These features enhance BTCC’s credibility amongst traders and make it the trusted choice for a convenient and authentic perpetual futures contracts trading experience.

BTCC has listed five new perpetual futures, KASUSDT, MBLUSDT, IQUSDT, SCUSDT, and TTUSDT, with up to 150X leverage on their app and web platforms. The licensed crypto trading platform specializes in making eth/usdt perpetual futures contracts trading reliable and accessible. Presently, the acclaimed trading company has secured regulatory licenses in world-leading countries like the USA, the UK, and Europe.

BTCC is one highly lawful and compliant trading platform with a reputable presence in various countries. With a passion for innovation, the platform strives to meet its customers’ expectations by ensuring a smooth and hassle-free bitcoin futures trading experience that is fair and equal. Bitcoin trading beginners and experienced professionals can all head to their application or website to enjoy up to 150X leverage.

Some of the latest eth usdt perpetual futures contracts that BTCC is offering traders are Kaspa (KAS), IQ, MovieBloc (MBL), ThunderCore (TT), and Siacon (SC).

Kaspa is a decentralized and fully scalable layer-1 blockchain solution. is another great knowledge ecosystem which is powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain. MovieBloc is a decentralized movie and content distribution platform that aims to address issues in the entertainment industry caused by conglomerates.

ThunderCore is an EVM-compatible public blockchain supporting interoperability and Ethereum-based smart contracts and dApps. Siacon is a blockchain-based decentralized file-sharing and storage protocol providing an alternative to centralized cloud solutions.

Trading enthusiasts can use the BTCC platform to trade KAS, IQ, MBL, SC, and TT perpetual futures contracts. The platform’s Summer Carnival campaign offers traders the golden opportunity to share a prize pool of 110,000 USDT. Presently, over 200 crypto futures trading are available on BTCC. The platform users can trade any of the new perpetual futures contracts in this campaign in order to be eligible for the prize.

In the Summer Carnival campaign hosted by BTCC, registration is necessary to be eligible to win the prize. Only trades with trading fees of more than 0 USDT made after registration shall be counted as valid trades. The participants in the campaign can use trading funds as margins for trading. They can also use trading funds to cover trading fees, trading losses, and funding fees when trading perpetual futures.

The trading will commence at 16:00 (UTC) onward every day. All the Summer Carnival campaign tickets won shall be credited to the winner’s account instantly once they meet all the requirements.

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