Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services Unveils Upcoming Services

Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services Unveils Upcoming Services

The company also further enhanced their leading services, PeopleCloud and Avensure Plus.

Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services, a top HR outsourcing and employment law and health and safety management firm, is delighted to share its plans for the remainder of 2023. The company will be launching bespoke training days related to the latest HR and H&S practices as well as sector-specific CPD certified H&S webinars, upcoming offerings poised to create a positive work environment and foster a thriving and productive workforce for clients.

The bespoke training days will focus on helping clients equip their teams with the latest HR and H&S practices. The sector-specific CPD certified Health & Safety webinars will further empower clients with knowledge and expertise.

Initiatives In The Works For Employees’ Welfare

Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services aims to promote work-life balance and employee well-being. Apart from investing in comprehensive training across all departments to foster personal and professional growth, other initiatives that would provide office perks are currently being developed. An online GP service is one of the new perks being offered and more are set to come.

“Our corporate and social responsibilities committee is actively seeking opportunities to impact our community and employees’ lives positively,” Chris Garner, CEO of Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services, said.

Frequent Updates Of Leading Services

Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services is continuously reinvesting in PeopleCloud, with frequent updates to ensure clients have access to the latest features. The cutting-edge HR & Health & Safety Software is their most in-demand service this year, garnering exceptional feedback from their valued clients.

Another update the company has made is on its Avensure Plus service. It now includes bespoke on-site HR and Health & Safety support tailored to individual business needs.

Designated Specialists For Every Sector

“What truly sets Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services apart is its commitment to providing each business with a designated advisor who is an expert in their sector,” said Chris Garner. According to him, this personalised approach ensures businesses seeking the company’s help get to have on their side a dedicated specialist who understands the unique challenges of their industry.

Businesses that choose Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services have the advantage of 24/7 assistance, enabling swift resolutions to any challenges they encounter. “Our bespoke services are carefully crafted to cater to the individual needs of each business,” Chris Garner stated.

Chris Garner cited the recent workers’ strike in the UK as an example of an event that vividly illustrates the significance of tailored solutions and expert guidance that Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services could provide, with an adept team ensuring strict compliance with ever-changing regulations and employment laws.

Avensure H&S & HR Outsourcing Services takes immense pride in being a reliable HR partner during challenging times. Visit https://www.avensure.com/ for more details.

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